Common sense & passports

What a nightmare we had with our passports the last 3 weeks…

On Monday 30th June I had to use our passports to pass on details for our upcoming Running with the Bulls trip.

No passports were found.

Three days later, the house was a mess; furniture was moved, clothes were pulled out and put back, arms were reached under and behind all things dusty and immovable.

Still no passports.

Thursday 2nd June – We made a decision – not wanting to go through the hassle of reporting our lost or stolen passports to the police (we were considering stolen as that week an air conditioning maintenance worker was in our house)… We called NZ.

The New Zealand passport office advised us to fill out a declaration form saying our passports had been lost or stolen and a renewal form.

Still we kept looking around the house – they HAD to show up!!

Still no passports.

Monday 6th June – We spent all morning filling out the application forms and sorting postage. Ramadan started today; that meant that we had to sort everything and get it sent away with the courier by 1pm!! (Note: we weren’t allowed to fill the forms out electronically) what a headache!

Still no passports.

Wednesday 8th June – a colleague advises us to report our passports as lost or stolen to the UAE police (something we wanted to avoid doing as we had heard the process was very long and hard due to language barriers and that it would cost us money to fill out a police report – what a joke!!).

That afternoon we headed down to the local station. The first policeman we met couldn’t speak English. He brought out his colleague, his colleague spoke English fairly well. We explained our whole situation. He said he will check the ‘system’ to see if the passports had turned up. No. Not in any of the Sharjah stations. “Next I try Sharjah Airport” he said, we looked at each other, ‘would the passports really just be sitting somewhere at a station!??’. No. They were not there. “Next I try Dubai”. ‘Surely, they would have one whole system check for all of the Emirates? … Apparently not’

“Your passports are there” he said. We looked at each other in shock, disbelief, and a shitload of relief. What just happened? How the heck are they there? Why did someone not call us from the information on our passports and inform us that they were there?!

We jumped in the car and made our way to Dubai airport terminal 1. Down and up and down again through a labyrinth of signs to the police lost and found office. Where they handed back our passports. They opened our passports up and scanned them into their system “for our records” they said. HAH! How about you do that when a stranger handed them into you weeks ago!!??? Seriously – zero common sense people!

We haven’t solved the case. We don’t know where or how the man who handed them in found the passports but we are extremely thankful to have them back in our possession.

The verdict? You aren’t a desperate traveler unless you’ve┬álost or had your passport stolen once or twice!!

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