Weihnachten – A German Christmas

Check out our Winter Christmas in Baden-Baden…

After getting ripped off by a train attendant from Zurich, we were greeted in Baden-Baden by our  good friend Marie. We met Marie in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Marie lived in Stuttgart for university but had invited us to join her family for Christmas in Baden-Baden. She LOVED our hometown, now it was her turn to show us this beautiful Southern German town and all of its historical and hidden spots….

Marie pointing out the city below from an old ruined castle Hohenbaden. It is also known as Aotea Schloss (old castle). It was such a beautiful sight especially in the crisp winter air with leaves crunching underfoot on the walk up! Great way to become acquainted with the town and its character. From here you could see the Rhine Valley and Black Forest too.

Mummelsee lake, Black Forest. No words. Too beautiful. The drive up the mountain range to this picturesque spot is insane; cute little villages pop up as you are winding twisting up the roads through pine trees dusted in snow (ah-mazing!)

p.s go inside the restaurant just to warm up with a hot choccy and special Black Forest cake!

Winter ❄️views outside Marie’s family home in Baden-Baden
Marie’s Dad cooked dinner on Christmas Day while we went to the church service with Marie’s Nana. This was his homemade chicken pie, delish!!

Schloss Favorite ~ A pretty fancy Castle!

Caracalla Therme ⇉ The famous bath house of the south. Baden-Baden is known for its bath houses and it lived up to its hype! It had private change areas, clean showers and beautiful pools with different temperatures 💯👌🏼

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