We are Two kiwis exploring the world barefoot…

Zoe & Reuben:

  • Live in the UAE
  • Love a good coffee (nothing beats NZ flat whites!)
  • Are always keen to go on adventures
  • Preferably like to walk barefoot or in jandals
  • Enjoy eating healthy and keeping fit
  • Think meeting people and exploring new places is pretty bluddy awesome!

Come join us on our journey of chasing waterfalls, eating, laughing and wandering the world!

Our Tūrangawaewae

We believe in being grounded. Tūrangawaewae means ‘A standing point’ in Maori and although our most empowering place on Earth is Tauranga, NZ, there are certain places we have felt heavily connected to whilst traveling, which is why we initially created this site.

Why Barefoot?

Earthing or Grounding means:

Direct skin contact with the surface of the earth. The process of absorbing earths’ free flowing electrons from its surface through the soles of one’s feet.

“When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the earth?”


Kravica Falls, Bosnia
Rotnest Island
Rottnest Island, Australia
Vernazza Cinque Terre
Mount Maunganui, Nz

We are #thebarefootkiwis

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